Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

40 years zukunftsstark

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40 years zukunftsstark

40 years’ experience, entrepreneurial vision, and close relationships with our business partners and employees have made Bechtle not just one of Germany’s largest IT system houses, but one of Europe’s most successful future-first IT partners.

Bechtle: Integrate IT. Architect the future.

Bechtle has been supporting corporate and public-sector customers on their journey into the future since 1983. With powerful IT that delivers tomorrow—today. With people who always have an eye on the big picture. With flexible solutions that offer exactly what our customers need—from infrastructure to the cloud to IT security. From IoT to AI. With the best services delivered on your doorstep. With rock-solid values and state-of-the-art technologies.

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What moves us

The three videos below provide you with information about our highlights. Click on the buttons #Fiscal year, #Sustainability and #People to find out more.

2023 in figures

  • + +
    459.0   6.8 7.0
    % % m
    Business volume EBT Operating cash flow
    €7,793.6 m €374.5 m Prior year: €116.7 m
  • +
    6.5   5.8 151.2
    % % m
    Revenue EBT margin Free cash flow
    €6,422.7 m Prior year: 5.8 % Prior year: €-29.8 m
Glass tunnel of the Bechtle office. (photo)



The Bechtle Sustainability Strategy 2030 is our benchmark for corporate responsibility. At its heart are four strategic areas of action—ethical business practices, environment, people, and digital future.

Sustainability Strategy 2030 Sustainability video
  • Ethical Business Practices

    Transparent supply chains are the key to social sustainability.

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  • Environment

    Over 40% of our vehicle fleet are already running on alternative fuels.

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  • People

    Diversity creates a positive working atmosphere and Bechtle is home to people from 110 nations.

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  • Digital Future

    We drive future-facing digitalisation through sustainable innovation.

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Our employees

The success of our company is down to each and every one of our employees. With their commitment and expertise, no less than 15,159 colleagues all played their part in what we accomplished in 2023.

People video
  • Satisfied staff.

    We are continually attracting new colleagues. In the 2023 fiscal year, we succeeded in boosting employee satisfaction and significantly lowering the turnover rate.

    Two Bechtle employees and an employee are chatting in the Bechtle Bistro. (photo)
  • Attractive employer.

    We’re a Top Employer! We were awarded the title in the very first year we underwent the extensive certification process. Our success is underscored by the record number of applications.

    Two Bechtle employees are sitting and one employee is standing at the entrance to the Bechtle office. (photo)
  • We foster talent.

    Bechtle puts professional growth and qualifications at the top of its agenda. We attract new talent through an interesting and innovative qualifying programme for career jumpers.

    A Bechtle employee is sitting at her desk and another employee is standing next to her. (photo)
  • Supporting the next generation.

    We take social responsibility very seriously and have been training young professionals for 38 years. At the end of 2023, a total of 842 young people were learning the ropes in vocational training or an integrated degree program at Bechtle.

  • Preparing for the future.

    In a further show of appreciation for our employees, we have introduced a very attractive company pension scheme.

    Two Bechtle employees are talking in front of a telephone booth in the office. A colleague is working in the telephone booth and another colleague walks past them. (photo)
  • We are diverse.

    We embody an inclusive corporate culture that attracts and promotes all kinds of talent. Diversity creates a positive working atmosphere in which different perspectives and ideas can take root and grow.

    Three Bechtle employees are standing on the steps in the office. (photo)

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